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1RC3012 - Solid Front Kingpins

Oct 31st 2019

We want to remind everybody that is using the Solid Front Kingpins to make sure you put a drop of oil on these from time to time.The pins are a hardened steel the axle are made from a powdered metal a … read more

Tire Prep For Racing

Aug 29th 2019

We get questions from time to time about what we recommend doing to the tires for racing so we wanted to put out some information about what we recommend.One thing we found that works really good is t … read more

Digital Metal Gear Servo

Aug 12th 2019

A few months ago we released an Digital Metal Gear Servo for the cars.  The part number for this new servo is 1RC7017 and is listed on the website.  This servo is an upgrade for the cars and … read more

Upgrade Radio System

Aug 7th 2019

       1RC7012                      1RC7019As you have probably seen over the past few months we released a new upgrade radio … read more

Aftermarket Battery Chargers

Aug 3rd 2019

We get a lot of questions from time to time if there are other battery chargers that will charge the battery faster than the stock charger that comes with the cars.1RC Racing does not carry any afterm … read more