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Adjusting Front Toe and Caster

Jun 16th 2018

Toe-In & Toe-Out Adjustment

We recently released a few new tuning parts for the 1/18 Midget to enhance handling. The first part was the 1RC3015 Adjustable Front Tie Rod set. The adjustable front tie rod set allows you to change the front toe of the front tires, giving you tires that are parrallel, toe-in or toe-out. Generally speaking, toe-in is when the front of the tires are pointed towards each other. Toe-In provides less steering on corner entry but will provide more on-power steering on corner exit. Too much toe-in can make the very sensitive on the straightway. Toe-out is where the front tires point away from each other, per the diagram below. Toe-out will provide more steering entering the turn but less on corner exit. The stock setting of the Midget is two degrees with the solid tie-rod. 

Caster Adjustment

To adjust caster, we now offer an Adjustable Radius Rod Kit, 1RC3016. In the stock configuration the cars stock solid rod provides 5 degrees of caster. The adjustable radius rod kit allows you to make the radius rod shorter or longer from the stock solid rod. By shortening the length of the radius rod the caster increases. With more caster the car will have a smoother steering feel off center while also creating a jacking effect to the rear. This jacking effect will help the car steer into the turn. The increased caster will create less tire contact, therefore providing less steering on corner exit. By making the rod longer, the car will have less caster. Less caster will result in less steering entering the turn and more steering exiting the turn.

All of the settings discussed above are dependant of the driver and track. We suggest that you test the settings to find the perfect combination for you.