Aftermarket Battery Chargers

Aug 3rd 2019

We get a lot of questions from time to time if there are other battery chargers that will charge the battery faster than the stock charger that comes with the cars.

1RC Racing does not carry any aftermarket chargers but there are a variety of chargers on the market for faster battery charging than the stock charger.  Visit your local hobby shop to see what they might have or if you do not have a hobby shop near you there are many online shops that carry full lines of chargers.

If you start using an aftermarket battery charger, you will see some increase in performance.  The stock battery charger only charges the battery to about 80-90% for safety reasons and it charges at a very low rate, again for safety reasons.  Most aftermarket chargers will charge the batteries to 100% capacity so you will get more run time and  it will charge at a higher amperage so you will see some increase in speed due to that increased charge amperage.

Couple things to look for when you are searching for an aftermarket battery charger is it will need to charge the NiMh chemistry battery, it will need to charge 4 cell and 5 cell NiMh batteries and be able to set the charge current to 0.5 amps.  If you do purchase an aftermarket charger we recommend charging the batteries at 0.5 amps, any higher and the battery will get hot and that is not good on the batteries.

As with any battery charger, be sure to never leave the battery and charger unattended when charging.

If you have any questions on aftermarket chargers send us an email to and we can try and answer any questions you might have.